STO/ICO project for sale
ICO/STO blockchain project is up for sale!
The project has everything in place to conduct a successful ICO/STO campaign. Professional story and branding behind the project. The project has been in the market for more than a year. Enterprise value of $12M (as assessed by an investment firm). Thousands of people expressed interest. The project can be sold to corporations exploring blockchain scene.
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Thousands of lines of code included
Includes cross-platform web-based Minimum Viable Product, native mobile iOS app, backend, and software solution enabling ICO/STO funds collection
Cross-platform MVP
Fully working. Landing page. Enables users to sign up/log in, manage their profiles, upload pictures, create assets. Users can initiate in-app collaborations with each other. Proprietary chat functionality implemented. MVP works on all types of devices and professionally designed. Tech stack: HTML + CSS + JS (frontend), PHP + Laravel + PostgreSQL (backend)
iOS mobile application
Great design, light animated interface. Integrated with MVP. Released and available for download in the Appstore. Built in Swift.
Industry-leading software for collecting funds from ICO/STO participants
Enables collection of funds in 100+ crypto currencies. Customizable design. Outstanding security features (2FA). Advanced tokensale functionality (promo codes, bonuses). Multi-Level Marketing functionality. Thorough 50+ pages documentation. Market value of $100k.
Smart contract on Ethereum
Custom smart contract regulating tokens minting developed on Ethereum. Security audit performed.
Full set of investment documents
Designed and approved by investment bankers. Can be used to raise equity or ICO financing.
Opportunity assessment – 57 pages long, 16k words
Includes competitive analysis, industry challenges, technical description of the solution, business model, biz model innovation, business model canvas, SWOT, market opportunity, traction. Business workflows are depicted visually. Extensive roadmap with detailed milestones and KPIs set
Business valuation – 14 pages long, 2.5k words
Describes present company valuation through three methods (Checklist valuation, Venture Capital valuation, Discounted Cash Flows valuation, each of them applied to Realistic, Optimistic and Pessimistic projections). Calculated Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI) and Economic Value Added (EVA). WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital was calculated). Purpose of the company and Use of funds described.
Traction of the project – 13 pages long
Describes software development progress with product photos and screenshots, covers social media growth. In text and Excel formats.
Pitch Deck (25 slides) & Investor Deck (30 slides)
Well-designed and illustrated, includes beautiful graphs, logos and schemes. Follows a classic pitch deck slides set: pain, solution, strengths and advantages, market opportunity, business model, competitive analysis.
Financial model
Highly detailed model encompassing three possible scenarios of project development. Unit economics. Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Lifetime Value (LTV), churn rate. Direct sales channels and inbound/outbounds marketing approaches are accounted for. Income statement and cash flows, including projected future cash flows. Supply/demand, burn rate. Tokens velocity, tokens in circulation
Project valuation performed by UK-based investment capital firm
30-slides presentation covers business understanding, economic performance determinants, valuation framework, assumptions, and outcomes. Excel model was created to justify the present valuation of the project (Weighted Average Cost of Capital, NPV).
Whitepaper – 46 pages, 16k words
Created by experts and beautifully designed. Coming with illustrations, graphs, tables. Table of contents and table of references (Harvard Referencing) included.
Market Research – 31 pages, 9k words
Reviewed by lawyers, and are accompanied with disclaimers and legal notes when appropriate.
Technology Paper – 35 pages, 11k words
Legal documents comply with EU/US regulations
Privacy Policies
Terms of website use, terms of tokensale
Tokens purchase agreements
Disclaimers (1200 words), risk factors (1400 words)
Legal Opinion
Enforceable contracts drafts (advisory contracts, NDAs, etc)
Simple Agreement for Future Tokens/Equity (SAFT/SAFE)
Legal entity is incorporated in British Virgin Islands
Comes with all the related documents (certificates of incorporation, appointment of director, memorandum and articles of association. All documents bear an apostille of a certified BVI public notary
Contact us at [email protected]. Brokers and resellers are welcome!
Or download an in-depth project overview below:
Beautifully designed website
Interactive and animated. Custom-designed colorful illustrations. Works perfectly on all types of screens and devices. Sells the idea and vision of the project.
Tokensale countdown functionality with collected funds progress bar designed and implemented
Whitelisting web page
Enables collection of emails, names, mobile phones of users
Emails collection + contact form
Analytics integrated
Google Analytics and Google Tags Manager are integrated. Custom events are set up. Custom dashboard with custom triggers has been created in Google Tags Manager
Comes with HTML + CSS + JS + SVG code, easy to deploy
Custom-developed high-quality illustrations (Adobe Illustrator, .png, .psd). Secured and optimized by Cloudflare. CDN provided by Amazon Web Services (Cloudfront). Hosted in Amazon S3 - very cost effective
Top-ranked SEO
The first page of Google search is full of the project-related links
Expressive branding
Developed by a skilled team of product/brand/software designers.
Website cross-platform design (vector, psd)
Design of the MVP website and mobile iOS app
Promo materials
Project logo in various forms. Business card design (stylish and flat, two sides). Custom A4 page form design (follows project's design). Custom envelope design. Custom folder design. Custom roll-up stand design (press wall). A set of 100 branded plastic cards with random embossed numbers on each of them (design and cards themselves)
50+ professionally designed photos of devices
featuring Sponsy websites, apps, screenshots, MVPs. High-quality .psd files and .png renders.
Custom design of emails (HTML + CSS)